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Every woman is incredibly unique and wonderful. During pregnancy you are a goddess, revered in the community for bringing forth new life. I base my work around your individual needs and desires. I work holistically and with integrity, no question is stupid, no topic off limits. I value kindness and honesty. I work with my heart wide open. This is soul work and I treat each woman as the expert of her own experience, whilst guiding and holding space for her as she transforms into a new being.  Each woman is so unique and special and I treat her with respect and reverence as I am invited along with her journey. It is an honour to witness pregnancy, birth and post-partum. I love to remind each woman of her innate power and body wisdom.

Our journey together is as unique as you. We start by getting to know one another as our relationship is built on vulnerability and connection. Through our prenatal sessions we work through any fears surrounding pregnancy and birth that you have. I draw on my nursing experience to prepare you to cope with the pain and intensity of labour. I am shoulder to lean on and I am not afraid of deep conversations. We cover the physiology of birth and how it unfolds. We work out the optimal conditions for birth and how to apply that in your space. Your partner is also involved and I like to get them to join in on one session so that we can also hold space for them to express their feelings. It is a big journey for them as well.

During the sessions you will feel loved and cherished. I ensure that I make you feel special and appreciated. You may like a foot bath and massage, or perhaps just having someone to talk to about your thoughts and feelings. I am trauma informed and non-judgemental. I aim to hold space with the clearest intentions.

I will be on-call for you when you approach the birth. I am available to be contacted 24/7 during this time. I take steps to ensure that my energy is clear for you and your birth. When you do decide you need me there I aim to be there as soon as possible and stay for the duration of your birth. I stay with you for a few hours after birth to ensure your needs are met and you are as comfortable as can be. Then we have time in the days after the birth to debrief and reconnect. This is where I come and nurture you, the mother. Be it folding washing, light housework or just holding baby so you can rest. It depends on your needs during this time.

It can be hard to encapsulate everything I do but I aim to finish our journey together with you feeling loved and supported and like the absolute QUEEN you are. You will feel capable and confident to begin your parenting journey.

What I do....